About Gopher Goo®

a natural gopher control

Gopher Goo® is your green solution in your war against gophers and other burrowing rodents that threaten your garden and damage your lawn. Gopher Goo® will forever change the way you deal with these rodents. No more difficult to set traps, ineffective sonar devices or toxic poisons; just an effective, all natural means of controlling [...]

About Garden Goo®

photo of a garden kept free of gophers with Gopher Goo, a natural gopher control

Reduce watering and increase your plants vitality with Garden Goo®, your green garden solution. Garden Goo® is a completely non-toxic polymer that helps you reduce watering, feed your plants and improve the texture of your soil. Great for hanging baskets, container gardens, vegetable gardens, perennial beds; anywhere you want to increase plant vitality while saving [...]


a natural gopher control

See what customers are saying about Gopher Goo® and how they are using it to save their gardens from destructive gophers. Hi Goo Doctor; I am thrilled with Gopher Goo and my former gophers are not!  I live in Gopher Estates and there seems to be a Gopher commune over the back fence. After speaking [...]