series of mole mounds in a green organic lawnWhat is Gopher Goo®?

Gopher Goo® is an all natural, starch-based granule gopher control combined with fertilizers and nutrients. It is completely non-toxic, pet safe, child safe and easy to use. Gopher Goo® contains no dangerous polyacrylamides and will naturally biodegrade in about one year.

How does Gopher Goo® work?

Gopher Goo®’s granules expand 300-500 times their size when mixed with water. Creating slurry of Gopher Goo® and pouring down a gopher’s burrow will fill his home with the starched-based polymer. Gopher Goo® is added to the hole until it is filled, driving the gopher from his burrow or trapping him inside it.

What are some of the benefits of Gopher Goo®?

Gopher Goo® not only helps rid your yard of gophers, but also provides these amazing garden benefits:

  • Increases soil pore size, helping to amend clay soils.
  • Retains excess water, helping to amend sandy soils.
  • Fills gopher holes stopping excess water runoff and saving you money.
  • Keeps moisture near the roots of gopher damaged plants, easing plant stress.
  • Feeds your plants with all natural nutrients
  • Biodegrades completely in about one year.
  • Leaves little impact on the environment through earth-friendly production, delivery and ingredients.
How was Gopher Goo® developed?

Gopher Goo® was invented by Plant Pathologist, Dr. Heather Vallier. Dr. Vallier strives to create the most natural, eco-friendly garden solutions for herself and her clients. Frustrated with rampant gopher damage and unhappy with available methods of control, Dr. Vallier utilized her 25 years of experience as a Plant Doctor to create a product that would not only control gophers but be safe and eco-friendly as well. Gopher Goo® is the result of stringent testing and is not only effective in controlling gophers, but beneficial to your plants and soil.

Why should I use Gopher Goo® instead of a gopher poison?

Unlike poisons, Gopher Goo® is a safe, non-toxic solution to control gophers. Gopher poisons contain strychnine which is toxic to children, pets and other wildlife.