Welcome to your green gopher solution!


Gopher Goo is your green solution in your battle against the destructive beast that threatens your lawn and garden!

As a fellow gardener, you probably share our frustration of seeing the dreaded mounds of soil in your manicured lawn, or at losing cherished plants to a gopher’s root chewing.

Gophers are aggressive, invasive plant killers. Gopher Goo offers an ecological answer that is also child and pet friendly.

In addition to the pest-defense benefits of Gopher Goo, it is also loaded with ingredients that nourish your lawn and plants. It protects your plants while driving the beast from your yard in a safe and natural way.

Gopher Goo is a completely non-toxic starch-based granule that is the GREEN gopher solution requiring no poisons or dangerous traps. It eliminates gophers from your yard, filling the holes and burrows they leave behind while saving precious water too!

Gopher Goo starts out as a dry granular powder, but Gopher Goo is a super absorbent starch and nutrient-rich combination, and, when mixed with water, absorbs and expands 300 – 500 times its original size to drive gophers from your yard. Gopher Goo is made of 100% organic materials, unlike the “water crystals” which are man made petroleum-based material that are toxic to plants and people as they degrade. It is scented with peppermint oil, the gopher’s least favorite smell, giving them one more reason to leave your plants in peace.

Gopher Goo is applied in dry form directly into the gopher hole or burrow using a simple funnel or a soil probe. Then add enough water to wash the material down the hole and fully saturate it. A few minutes with your garden hose on high is usually enough. In about 20 minutes it expands and hardens into a strong gel material, 300-500 times the size it started at, filling the hole. If you add too little water, wait and add more. If you add too much, just cut it off at the surface of the hole. Often you can force the gopher out or trap the gopher inside the hole as the Gopher Goo absorbs the water and firms up. Once you catch him, it’s up to you what you do with him. . .

Gopher Goo will break down naturally in your yard in about a year, feeding your plants all the while. It is completely ecological and safe for your kids and pets; no gloves or special protection or tools are needed. Gopher Goo has the added benefit of plugging and sealing the hole, eliminating water loss. No more burrows to deal with, no more lost water down the hole, or plants drying out because of the burrows. And even if you don’t catch the gopher, you make his day a whole lot harder. He has to start over and you get to rest easy with very little effort on your part!

Gopher Goo is good for the garden, bad for the beast!