Gopher Goo to the rescue! This product is the best thing we have ever used for our garden! Gopher Goo has been so much help in our battle to keep those nasty critters away and saved our garden from the constant intrusions from the neighbors yard which is just and empty lot we call “gopher city.” We do not like to use the poison pellets since have we have special pets, but the gophers HAD to go! We used your product and not only did we catch gophers, we also plugged the burrows and tunnels so the water didn’t wash down to China and all over our sidewalks (my husband was grateful too!). Now the gophers have taken off, and seem to be afraid to come back. And besides, their old holes are now full of Goo!

Thanks so much for this valuable solution to our gopher problem.

Laura Gulovsen, Ventura, CA


Gopher Goo works like magic, it was the easiest thing I ever used and it worked wonderfully to help the plants recover. What a wonderful new option against gophers.

Thank you!

Jenny Bryant, Los Altos, CA


This stuff is wonderful! I used your product and within minutes I caught my first gopher; it just came right out of the hole all covered in the stuff. The dog grabbed him once he came out of the hole (the Goo was hardening right behind him, he had no where to go), and that was the end of him! It also ended all the havoc he had created in our vegetable garden, and saved our crops which the gopher was eating one by one. Since then anytime I see the tell tale mounds I just smile and go get my Goo. It used to be such a worry but now its fun to see if we will actually catch another one, (and of course the dog likes this game too).

Gopher Goo is a wonderful product, works like magic, and solved our problems with gophers. I am telling everyone I know about it and wanted to tell you how grateful we are to finally have a pet friendly solution to this problem.

Thank you so much,

Mr. George Sanderland, Palo Alto, CA

PS: Our dog, Juno, thanks you too. Woof!


Dear Dr. Vallier

Gopher goo is the easiest gopher solution I’ve ever used. It worked like magic, and the fact that it’s pet and people friendly is a real selling point for us. It’s so nice not to have to worry about dangerous poisons in the garden. Thank you for developing a earth and garden friendly solution. We love the stuff and tell all our friends and neighbors about it; everyone should have some.

Michael and Julie Sinclair, San Luis Obispo, CA


Thank you for making this wonderful product Dr. Vallier. It drove the gophers from my yard and they have not come back in nearly a year. Their holes and burrows are full of Goo, and they are GONE from my garden. I just wanted to tell you how well it worked for me and how grateful I am that my plants are safe. Also, its so nice to not have to try and trap them; it is a horrible job! They are very clever and back fill and spring the traps, and then go on to make more burrows while they are doing this. Your product solved my gopher problems, and I want to order some more for my neighbors, so they can clear out their gardens also.

Again, thank you so much!

Ms. Susan Bell, Arroyo Grande, CA


My first experience with Gopher Goo was right before my home was to be on the Cambria Garden tour. A gopher had climbed over the stainless steel mesh and tunneled into my tropical garden, nearly killing my beautiful Red Banana tree. I ran for the Gopher Goo, poured it in the hole, added water and within 5 minutes out he came, covered in Goo and completely confused and disoriented. I put the cup I was holding in my hand over his head and out of my garden he went! Woo Hoooo!! I added a little more Goo to help support and stand up the badly chewed Banana plant and hoped for the best. I am happy to report that the banana rooted into this lovely, starchy, nutrient-rich material and survived half of its roots being chewed off without any apparent damage. Gopher Goo saved the day and helped me sleep that night knowing the Gopher was gone. Since then I have used in in my lawn, in my vegetable garden (its completely non-toxic), and as a barrier between my garden and the neighbors. They won’t cross it or return to the old burrows that have it in them. It just works wonders to both fill the burrows and tunnels and actually repel them from coming back. Due to this success in my own garden I developed a commercial version of this product and patented the technology so everyone could have this wonderful, powerful, satisfying experience.

Heather Vallier, Ph.D., Cambria, CA


          “Got a gopher? Go for Goo!