Welcome to your green garden solution!

Garden Goo is a completely non-toxic starch-based polymer that is the GREEN solution for saving water and feeding your plants all in one step. Garden Goo also deters gophers from your yard, by filling the holes and burrows they leave behind with the nutritious Goo material.

Garden Goo starts out as a dry granular material, but Garden Goo is a super absorbent starch and nutrient-rich combination, and, when mixed with water, absorbs and expands 300 – 500 times its original size. On each wetting cycle it absorbs water and expands to increase soil pore size and then contracts as it releases the water and nutrients to the plants while imGarden Basketproving soil texture. Garden Goo also works to drive gophers from your yard while feeding the plants.

Garden Goo is applied in dry form directly into the planting hole, lawn area or basket. When water is added the first expansion takes place in about 20 minutes, then the Goo goes to work. Garden Goo will break down naturally in your soil in a few years, feeding your plants and saving water as it does so. It is not harmful to pets or people, no gloves or special protection or tools are necessary, and it’s completely non-toxic.

“Got a garden? Get some Goo!”